CTC Swale Ride Reports

Top 20 Riders

These are the top 20 riders over the last 12 months. If you think you've done more rides than this then check your ride leader had sent a report in.
1Jez Clinch132
2Carol Hatton115
3Brian Hatton113
4Dick Calvert106
5Kevin McGee105
6Ken Taylor99
7Tim Sharp86
8Wendy Rudge81
9Alan Steward79
10Bernie Rudge77
11Dani Neal73
12Jo Maw70
13Debbie Pollard70
14Angela Hedgeley68
15Richard Hedgeley65
16Ann Mills61
17Debbie Wedlake61
18Steve Hill58
19David Smith58
20Matt Deadman58

Top 20 Riders by Distance

These are the top 20 riders over the last 12 months, sorted by distance ridden. Note we don't have ride length data for all the rides, particularly in 2011/12.
1Jez Clinch4241
2Kevin McGee4071
3Carol Hatton3571
4Brian Hatton3539
5Dick Calvert3457
6Alan Steward3075
7Tim Sharp3045
8Ken Taylor3015
9Paul Franks2858
10Jo Maw2850
11Wendy Rudge2753
12Bernie Rudge2643
13Debbie Pollard2613
14Matt Deadman2385
15Dani Neal2140
16David Smith2078
17Phil Barnett2064
18Ann Mills2026
19Debbie Wedlake2000
20Hank Beerstecher1948